Founder and Mind coach

     I am passionate to work with people. Holding 8years of research experience in life science (M.Phil in Microbiology) Trained in Counselling, NLP (NFNLP Florida) and CBT, NLP –Neuro Linguistic Programme, CBT-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Worked at Shreehi consultancy Service a NLP based mind coaching service.

     Keen to work with children (I am an advanced diploma holder in Maria Montessori method of education and in learning disability) and students with learning disability. Worked with people for mind coaching on Infertility issues, stress, depression and anxiety issues with dream, phobia and behavioural issues. Been in conducting workshops for Organisations for motivation, leadership, performance excellence and women emotional wellness. A fun filled and activity based workshops.


At RaydiSense our goal is to help individuals and organisations to flourish and achieve their best potential by developing mental strength and emotional resilience.

     Raydisense gives a Strategic Transformation & Empowerment Coaching that helps people to remove the obstacle in their personal or business lives that is holding them back from living a life of fulfilment.

     As a certified and accredited mind coach, expert in empowerment and accelerated learning, Raydisense’s unique approach, has helped people who are either looking for a solution for the first time or who believe they have exhausted every avenue of hope.

     Having helped hundreds of people transform their lives We have used our unique approach to help people successfully overcome depression, stress, anxiety, substance abuse, self-confidence& shyness issues, eating disorders, phobias, smoking, weight-loss, life direction, teenage issues and much more.


Our values are Awareness, Authenticity, Integrity & Compassion


We believe that you need to be aware of your thoughts in order to move forward in life


Being true to who you are is the best way of bringing out the best in yourself and others


NLP has the concepts and processes that have been researched scientifically and found to be beneficial


Life is full of challenges, and concern for self and others is essential for our connectedness.