Every second, it is estimated that your nervous system receives around 2 million bits of important sensory data about the events that are happening around us. We interpret this information via your 5 senses, Visually, Auditory, Kinaesthetic (feeling & touch), Olfactory (smelling) and Gustatory (tasting).   Consciously we are not aware of 2 million things happening every second so our mind filters the information into about 7 bits. In order to filter 2 million bits into 7 bits it deletes some things, distorts and generalises. . For example as you read this, you were probably not aware of your breathing until it was brought into your awareness. If a person is depressed, they may be deleting happiness from their awareness.

. We are designed to attract more of what we focus on.  Our State, Physiology and Internal Representations account for the behaviour we exhibit which affects the results we get. Good results or bad results. So our mind plays the role on deciding our state. Our state of mind determines our behaviour which is either favourable to the situation or not. As a trained and certified mind coach (NLP practitioner) and CBT therapist in Raydisense academy I coach and counsel people to excel in their work and unleash their potential.

I facilitate people facing challenges like stress, anxiety, depression, phobia, fear and dream issues. For students I p rovide sessions for improving thinking skills, concentration, gadget de-addiction, to overcome subject fear, phobia and for improving the learning skills.

In Raydisense academy we conduct workshops and one to one counselling sessions. We

also conduct workshops at apartments and societies on request basis. There is a upcoming workshop on 8th September for children of age group 5 to 12.It is designed by NLP practitioner and Occupational therapist.

Karthika Ranjith, (Mphil,B.Ed, P.G Dip in Montessori, NLP practitioner, CBT therapist)

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